Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011 Everyone!

Well, 2011 is finally here at last and I want to firstly thank all of you who take the time to stop in and read my blog!  Secondly I want to say I wish you all a low pain - pain free year and I hope that maybe this year, they will finally come closer to finding us all a cure.  

The holidays have been stressful and chaotic for sure!  Its been hard trying to keep up both with the puppies, opening my new photography business & of course attending functions as well.  Thankfully I also am able to get a bit of rest now and things will be resuming to their normal pace after today.  In mid-Dec. I got my new Rebel camera for my photography business and went out to take some photos here in Medicine Hat.  One of my favorite places to go is to Vetrans Park.  As I was editing some of these photos I took, I pondered why it is I love taking photos of these trees, even when they are barren in mid-winter.  I finally figured out, it was because they remind me of myself.  Their long limbs may be gnarled, twisted and tangled but yet they remain strong and noble looking and full of character.  And during the other 3 seasons of the year, they are beautiful, breath-taking, and vibrant and full of life.  So keep these beautiful trees in mind the next time you feel as barren and gnarled as these magnificent trees, remember that come spring, summer & fall, they are colorful, vibrant & full of life; just as we all are on our good days.  Wishing you all a magnificent new year!

Winter Time
Summer Time