Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Positively PAWS-itive

As I was sitting her crying over the case about Lennox (for those who dont know about poor Lennox's plight I urge you to go read it and help fight on his behalf http://www.savelennox.co.uk)  I was thinking alot about my four legged fur-babies.

Now how, you ask is that in any way related to my MCTD?  Easy.  I am single, I have no children and my family live far away.  I have friends who are there for me here and of course online (and my family are all online too and are also supportive) as well that are supportive and help in ways they know how to, for which I am thankful.  However, when I have no spoons left and the world seems bleak, I have no spouse to rouse me or children to snuggle with..... I have my four legged wonders.  My Paws-itivity on four paws.

My Lisa-Lee & Poly-Ana as well as the French Bulldogs I help out with as well, are my motivation to, even when the world is dreary and I dont think I can push through the day, to keep going and keep pushing.  When I have a lousy day they are the ones who sit patiently by my side and snuggle me and purrr til I feel at ease again.  Or make me laugh until I cry, and they sit there while I sob in frustration and fear and never say a word, only smother me in sloppy kisses.  They remind me that even though I feel like Ive been hit by a mac truck, that they are relying on me and counting on me to make THEIR day bright.  So I stagger out of bed and feed them and cuddle them, I let the pups outside to play and sit on the steps taking photos of them playing in the sunshine because they too rely on me to make their world safe and bright.

I would highly recommend to another like myself whos single, and somewhat alone, to invest in adopting a pet and giving it a second chance.  Cats dont take much work to care for and they will help keep your world balanced when its topsy turvy.  Or even volunteer at a shelter or rescue, many of them need professional cat snugglers!  Dogs are a little more work so I dont recommend it unless you know you have the energy level to give one the care needed with walks and such.  I am lucky with helping out with the puppies that I am able to let them out into the yard to play and throw balls and am not the one who has to walk them outside.

So that is one way I help keep myself thinking PAWS-itive when my world seems dark due to my Rheumatic Disease.....My furbabies, who love me no matter what, do not see me as sick, that do not judge.  They rely on me to make their world right, and comfort me when I'm in need and I cannot imagine my world without them in it.

Sending much love and gentle hugs and of course extra spoons to all.  Keep Paws-itive!

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